Frequently Asked Questions


Are Tickets Required?


Do young children need tickets?

Children 2 and under do not need a ticket

What time should I arrive?  Can I come at a different time?

It is expected that you arrive at the time printed on your ticket. To maintain the flow of the nativity unfortunately we cannot  change times of the tickets.

Is the event inside?

The event is outside.  You may spend time waiting in lines.  Please dress appropriately.

Is the Nativity wheelchair accessible?

Yes we have many wheelchairs come through each year. But with rain, snow, mud, and wet trails it makes it difficult because it is on a dirt path but it is still doable.

Why do you charge for tickets? Where does the money go?  

The Living Nativity is a non-profit charity event and all the money from the tickets are considered donations to our event. Everything is donated to charities but a small percentage that is used to maintain costumes and help upkeep props.

 Can I get a refund?

Sorry, all ticket sales are final

Can I give my tickets to someone else?

Yes, if circumstances arise that prevent you from using your tickets, please give them to someone who will be able to enjoy the event.