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Ticket Availability

All of the tickets for the regular evening sessions have been reserved.  Although there are still tickets for the Private Showing.  From time to time additional tickets may become available as we reconcile the numbers for each session.  Feel free to check back.


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Tickets are required and there are no standby tickets!


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A limited number of tickets will be available for the private showing held on November 28th creating a new and special experience at the Living Nativity!  Each ticket will be $25, and all the proceeds from tickets and other donations will go to Toys For Tots. These tickets will sell out fast because of the small number available!  Hot chocolate and other food and goodies are included with each ticket. We will have a well known singing group with seating available to sit down and enjoy their music. We will also have a professional photographer that will take pictures of each family/group. Because of the limited number of people we hope that everyone can enjoy the nativity at their leisure.
 We are so pleased to announce that we will be having the YouTube famous LeBaron family, Malea Lunt, Yahosh Bonner, Oba Bonner, and Aaliyah Rose! Please go look them up to get a sneak peak of this special night we will have with all of them! THEY ARE NOTHING BUT AMAZING! We are so excited to have them and we cannot wait for this special night!
If you have questions send them to and our volunteers will try to respond soon.

Tickets Required!