The Alpine Living Nativity is an all volunteer organization.

In 2018 you helped raise over $70,000 for these organizations!

We regretfully announce...

After many years at our wonderful location in Alpine we found ourselves in need of a new location. We have a new piece of land where we will hold the nativity, but with the move we still have a lot of work ahead of us and will be unable to finish by December. We are sad to announce that WE WILL NOT BE HOLDING THE ALPINE LIVING NATIVITY THIS YEAR. It breaks our heart that the nativity won’t be a part of your Christmas this year. It has been an amazing part of our lives for the past 16 years and we know it will be missed, but we are determined to do what is necessary to insure that it continues NEXT YEAR when the new location is ready!

We wish you all a very merry Christmas season this year! We hope to see you again next year.


Your support over the years has allowed us to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to wonderful charities who have come to rely on the Living Nativity to continue their great work. We are happy to announce that the organizers of another nativity event in the valley have generously offered to make up the difference during our off year. “A Babe is Born” nativity has pledged to match our prior year donations. We are very grateful for their kindness. More information regarding that event can be found at:   A Babe is Born

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