Billing Resolution

Notice Regarding Billing Problems

If you encountered billing problems, please accept our sincere apology.  We overloaded our card processor and transactions that were successful were reported to us as failing.  As a result many of our guests processed multiple payments, thinking that their first attempt had failed.  To correct this problem of duplicates, the processor reversed all of the transactions that appeared to be duplicates.

What do I do if I still have a problem?

The  account management portal will allow you to request refunds for remaining orders.

What do I do if a reservation was refunded but I still want it?

Rest assured that we will make sure you are able to repurchase any tickets that were released.  You can visit your   account management portal to repurchase refunded tickets.  If that does not work, contact us at our support email address.


  • All issues have been resolved and all automatic refunds applied.  Thank you for your patience.


The account management portal will provide tools for you to

  • Receive confirmation for tickets that you have not yet received,
  • Confirm that you have the tickets you want,
  • Request refunds for additional tickets that you don’t want, or
  • Repurchase tickets that were released incorrectly.